Benjamin Friedman Wilson is a Software Engineer and a Computer Scientist with a unique blend of real-world experience and theory. He holds an MS in Computer Science from the School of EECS at Oregon State University, having studied programming language theory, computer graphics, and AI. His thesis focused on Program-Concept Classifications, a technique that combines programming language theory with education to structure the way CS concepts are taught to new teachers and students. This technique was used with the novel educational programming language BoGL, which he also cooperatively designed and developed with a team at OSU. BoGL is currently used to teach middle school students, and has been used in an introductory CS course at OSU.

Before this he worked as a private contractor developing native Android, iOS, and Web applications. Later he co-founded the small software startup Axolsoft and took the role of head software engineer. He worked there as a full-stack engineer, DBA, DevOps engineer, and overall as a technical jack-of-all trades. He worked there until late 2017, when he choose to resume his academic studies.

This website is a summary of work that he has done, showcasing projects and articles from research and personal pursuits. The focus is on sharing his own work and experiences for others, with an emphasis on computer graphics and data visualization.

If you’re interested in reaching out, you can visit this contact page.