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A retro style shooter.

Bit Shooter was originally implemented as an infinite scroller, but now features an Infinite Mode as well as a Mission mode!
Play as far as you can get, or work towards a goal!
The choice is yours, the upgrades are yours, tackle the game the way you want!

-Tilt your phone from side to side to scroll across the screen.
-Hold your finger down to shoot, but be careful not to overheat!
-Avoid enemy flyers, bombs, blocks, bombers and bullets!

-No Ads! (you're welcome)

-Play Infinite Mode for a challenge of your skill, reaction time, and upgrades!

-Complete Missions for Rewards and beat all 80!

-Collect drops to strengthen yourself mid-game, but watch out for anti-drops!

-Unlock Dodge Mode to play an Infinite Game in a whole new style!

-Unlock weapon modes to add a twist to your Missions or Infinite Mode.

-Use in-game funds earned from playing to purchase upgrades for health, weapons, and much more.

-Track your improvements in your own personal leaderboard!

© Benjamin Friedman Wilson 2016