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You are the maestro.

A simple, clean, soundboard.
Floidia is designed to give you an auditory playground. Allowing you to play sounds varying from drums, synths, goofy vocals, and even piano. Let your own creative notions construct a masterpiece or cacophony!

In Floidia, you are the maestro.


-Has 95 Sounds to choose amongst.
-Page up and down to bring specific sounds into your control.
-Sounds can be looped and forcibly stopped.
-Supports up to 10 different touches simultaneously (this may vary depending on your device).
-Individual buttons can be held down to enter the audio flow.
-Adjust volume and playback rate in the flow to tune your sound.

Floidia is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and and a good way to relax, goof around, or jam.
It is intended to be a purely enjoyable experience, so what are you waiting for? Get started!

A creation from uphouseworks.

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