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SiteCheck, an iOS App for Verifying SEO Metatags

Sitecheck is an iOS application that allows scanning the metatags on your website to help with SEO optimization.

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by Benjamin Friedman Wilson,

Update: SiteCheck is no longer currently published on the App Store. This is purely due to me having to focus my time and efforts on other tasks at the moment. If you have questions or concerns about this tool, you can always contact me for more information.

The solution to your SEO needs is here! If you’re a fan of checking your site for compatibility with open graph, twitter tags and more, SiteCheck is the app for you. I’ve personally spent quite a lot of time looking for an easy way to validate whether or not my site has the tags I desire. Whether it be specifying an open graph image or making sure my sites show up as beautiful twitter cards with a large feature graphic. These are all controlled by changing the tags on your site. It’s a relatively straight forward process, but how do we verify we have everything we need?

This is where SiteCheck comes in. In a relatively simple fashion you simply enter your url, click a button and look at your results. It’s really that easy. When used with existing tools like twitter validator or the facebook sharing debugger it works like dynamite. You can immediately narrow down to what is not present and quickly implement your missing tags. In this fashion you can quickly achieve compliance with markup across nearly any site.

But what about that new standard that just popped up! Suddenly a fixed tool is a bit behind, and noone wants to wait for an app to update to check for new markup. In fact why not just let users check for any markup they want, even if it’s undocumented. SiteCheck lets users do just that. By providing your own tests, any user can simply update a test suite and immediately see the results on their next test. This is just a simple feature, but extremely powerful. Not only can you have multiple test suites that specifically target certain markup types, but you can also show others a targeted test result. This means, as an SEO or as a web developer, you can quickly show clients or you boss that you’re implementing what you was asked, no further questions!

Not only is this tool extremely effective, but it’s also free! Something that is this beneficial should be accessible to the public. Originally this tool was based off of Metatest, a browser based site checking tool from which SiteCheck originated. Metatest is free for public use as well, and so SiteCheck will adhere to that.

The final aspect of this tool is that it is intended for all levels of users. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a newcomer, or someone who doesn’t even know how to code! This tool is for everyone. Complexity is nonexistant, it is a simple enter and check system. Even the results are neatly spread out in a series of passes or fails. It is intended to both educate the uninformed and to help guide the veterans. Nothing beats a simple check and scan method that deterministically indicates whether you’ve achieved compliance with the tags you wish to implement.